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I've been thinking about writing this blog for a long time, however after starting editing at 04:30 this morning, it made me think on the subject again, so thought I would take a quick coffee break and share these thoughts, then take a look at the photo above.

Over the years I have always taken extra time and care over editing our couples pictures, removing everything from light switches, signage, rogue guests, and of course making sure the couple look their best so also removing blemishes and stains. This I do with pleasure to make the photos look at good as possible, however, the one thing that really makes me mad and can cause a lot of delays in the editing process is down to the venue either just not thinking, or being lazy.

This may be easier to put in list form, and this may help you when looking at venues and checking the setup on your big day.

So in no particular order.

General Tidiness, take a good look at the venue, not just the superficial first impression, is the paintwork up together, is anything broken, if they have the venue set up for a wedding take a look at the positioning of things.

An example of this is your wedding cake, I can not tell you how many times I have had to remove, fire extinguishers, radiators, and other ugly utility items, because the cake table has been placed right in front of them, some things can be hidden with a "clean" white table cloth if that is the only position available, but simply moving the table a few feet may make all the difference. Advertising signs also fall in this area, I understand the venue may want to advertise to your guests, but do you want those signs in your photos?

Another thing is how tidy are the grounds, are paths swept, and gardens tidy, grass mown, I love rustic, and natural photos, but paths covered in cigarette butts or rubbish, dead flowerbeds or pots, broken fences. All of these can ruin photos, and add extra time to the editing process unless you can work around them, which in a lot of cases you can't.

This is not so much photo related, but also take a look look at the furniture, as lovely as they are to look at Chiavari chairs are a pet hate of mine, I have known couples have to repair chairs so they could use them and have seen them collapse or just wobble so much they are unusable. More photos related is just tired furniture, we photographed a wedding and they had a beautiful piano and we wanted to use that in the photos, however, it was so scratched and beaten up, We used it, but I spent ages removing the damage to make the photo right. That could have been made to look so much better with a good coat of furniture wax.

Carpets are another issue, having run bars and pubs in the past, I know that any venue flooring needs to be hard-wearing, however, some of it is so gaudy, it can distract the eye, and cause real problems with colour balance in the photos.

Last but not least, how clean is the venue, are windows clean, are mirrors clean and not covered in smears. are tablecloths clean, not covered in stains. 

Sometimes it's hard to see past the wow factor, so follow the same advice as they give buying a house, visit the venue a couple of times, and not just on open days, and at different times of the day so you can see if what the lighting is like both natural and artificial.

I'm always happy to chat with our clients about this, maybe take a few shots on your mobile so you can see what a setup really looks like.

I hope this may be of help.

Peace and Love.


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Don't listen to bad advice and be yourselves! Hi All,

Sorry, it's been so long since I last wrote a blog, but unlike some, unless I have something important to say I don't say anything.

As we are in such uncertain times still, and after seeing some very concerning posts from both brides to be and suppliers on social media. I wanted to make sure you confirm any information you see, and also be yourselves, you don't have to follow what everyone else does.

Firstly in regards to the current situation, it's "MY" opinion that there will be no sudden changes in the rules regarding weddings and events, a few suppliers and venues are insisting everything will be back to normal by September, whatever the new normal will be.

As much as it breaks my own heart to watch 99% of our couples have to postpone their weddings until next year, some after already moving it a couple of times already this year, but common sense had to prevail. If we look at the advice being issued by the World Health Organisation, they fear the worse is not over, and that now there is a possibility the virus is also airborne and not just spread by contact and water droplets.

We also have to be prepared for areas going back into lockdown, once again stopping events even if the restrictions are relaxed further.

I'm happy to put my hands up in the air and say I don't know what is going to happen, I can make educated guesses based not on social media or the press, but by looking at the official statement, however, even that changes.

So please, please don't trust anything you read in the press or social media, also check any information on the official statements/website, and that goes for everything not just in regards to Covid.


The second item I wanted to quickly raise is related to a lot of posts I see on social media asking what others are doing for songs, and trends, and other parts of their wedding, it also goes for friends and family dictating what should happen, especially some older family members who forget weddings have changed a lot in the last 50 years.

A couple of examples of this is first dance songs, as great a song as it was Perfect by Ed Sheeran, has used as a first dance song at 90% of the weddings we attended last year, yes the words were just right but did the song actually mean anything to the couple, was it their taste in music, some yes, very much so, but I expect at least a minimum of 25% only had that song because it seemed right.

Please, be true to yourselves, if you like rock, country, or even thrash metal have that music, don't stop being you to conform with what is expected, in 40 years would you rather think back and dance to a song you love, or one that fitted at the time.

The same does with other aspects of your day, just because other couples on wedding groups are having a videographer, and they always state you will regret having one, would you? If you have the budget and really want one, go ahead, that is your choice but never feel your day is going to be less without anything. 

Entertainment is another big issues, I see more and more couples asking what entertainment should you have to stop your guests getting bored; personally I'm a huge believer that if a guest is not just happy to be there to celebrate your special day, they should not be invited. The same goes for being forced to invite people by your parents or Grandparents unless they are paying for the wedding, they do not have the right to create your guest list. and force you to have people there you either don't know, like, or have seen since you were 5, especially how expensive weddings are now.

Social media is wonderful, it connects you in ways we never expected 20 years ago, but I also believe it encourages people to feel like they have to do more to compete with others, as not to feel inferior in any way.

Be true to yourselves, be kind to yourselves, and use social media as intended, to connect socially and not as your bible or guide to life.

Peace and Love.




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It shouldn't happen to anyone! Following on from a conversation that we were involved within a Facebook Wedding Group, I wanted to talk about what is not acceptable from Wedding Suppliers or Wedding Guests during your wedding.

Over my years in the industry, I've heard many horror stories of photographers, DJ's and other wedding professionals verbally and sexually abusing wedding guests, these are also often highlighted in the press, yet little is ever mentioned about the reverse cases.

I've written in a previous blog post about potential clients discriminating against myself for being overweight and that I wouldn't fit in at their wedding. At the time this really upset me to the extent that I nearly gave up. Sadly over the last year, this has happened more than once now, along with multiple cases of verbal abuse from the general public, and wedding guests alike. 

When a female photographer first raised the subject, she was stating that at a recent wedding a drunk guest had grabbed her bottom and that on several other occasions she had been propositioned or sexist comments had been made.

As you would imagine within a group primarily containing female members, this caused an uproar, and many of the brides to be said that they would kick the guest out etc, the same view was raised rightly if a racist comment or joke was made.

A few other female suppliers also added their stories of sexual comments and bum pinching/slapping all disgraceful, so I decided to add my own experiences from being unbooked as a photographer after a meeting due to my weight to the fact that at over 90% of the weddings we photograph, at least one guest will either made a rude comments, verbal abuse, or just snigger to other guests about the fat photographer. 

My comments shocked a few people, however for whatever reason did not cause the same reaction as some of the women's stories, which I very much understand as calling someone fat is not that same a sexual abuse, but it is still abuse. 

Please know this is not a blog to get sympathy in any way, however following some feedback from a recent wedding, where the abuse was a little more intense than usual; even to the extent where someone badgered me to have a photo taken with them so they could post it on Instagram extending their abuse further, I realised that it had affected my work that day and I had missed a few photos as I wanted to avoid the individual/ring leader or the abuse. 

I should also state that one of my best friends only became so after some drunken name-calling 30 years ago, so I'm not overly sensitive but have found of late that the socially accepted level has increased mainly due to social media, and it's funny to laugh at certain groups of people, but please be assured whichever name you give it, it is abuse, bullying, discrimination, all of which would be illegal if sexual or racial.

So please, can you ask yourself these questions, if it was your wedding day and you witnessed or were told a guest was abusing or bullying a supplier, how would you react?

Thank You for reading.

Peace and Love,


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New Marriage Registration Laws What you need to know about the change in the law

affecting couples from the end of 2019

Big changes are on the way on how marriages are to be registered in England and Wales, thanks to new marriage laws predicted to come into force late 2019, if you are planning a Christmas wedding or are getting married in 2020 anywhere other than in a registry office or with an officiating registrar, you can’t afford to not to read on to save yourself stress, heartache and a possible £1000 fine after you’ve said “I do”.

Signing the register after your marriage is set to change with new laws in England and Wales coming into force.

The recent passing of the Civil Partnerships, Marriages and Deaths (Registration etc) Act 2019 has provided some quite big changes to the ways in which couples in England and Wales can marry and also the ways in which the registrations of these marriages can occur. As well as allowing opposite-sex couples to form a civil partnership – something only same-sex couples were previously able to do – it also sets out plans to radically change the registration process for those couples not using a registry office or registrar to legally wed.

Under current rules, couples that marry in England and Wales sign a register and are given their marriage certificate there and then – the piece of paper that legally states they are now husband and wife. Under the new rules, couples will instead sign a document that they will have to take to the registry office of the town they have married in and that will then be entered onto a central register held by the General Registry Office (GRO). If this sounds familiar to those who have married in Scotland, it’s likely because it is. In Scotland, following notice given by an M10 form, couples collect a “marriage schedule” which must accompany them to the venue and which they sign after saying their vows. This marriage schedule is then dropped back into the registration office within 3 days of the marriage, the registration office registers the marriage, and the couple’s marriage certificate is sent out to them in the post approximately 1 week later. This new law for England and Wales seems set to mirror this.

Whilst no timescale has been set for couples to take the paperwork that they sign on their wedding day to the registry office, it is thought that at most 7 days will be allowed for couples to do so. Plenty of time, you may think, but not necessarily, with many newlyweds jetting off on honeymoon the day after their nuptials.

Representatives of the Faculty Office and the Legal Offices of the Church of England and Church in Wales have already voiced their unease with the new rules, stating that they feel under pressure to bring them in before the end of the year. Additionally, they believe it will add stress onto a new marriage and are casting doubts on the ability of the registry offices and GRO to keep up with timely processing of new marriages.

Don’t let your happy day land you in financial bother by not following the new laws, coming into effect Dec 2019 in England and W

£1000 fine!

Under this new law, newlyweds who have not registered their marriage within the 7 days after their wedding could be set to receive a £1000 fine, in much the same way that new parents can if they fail to register their baby’s birth within the set time frame as outlined in the law. A rather hefty price to add on to the already skyrocketing cost of the average wedding in the UK. Fail to register your marriage on time, and you’ll most definitely feel the cost. However, it is allowed for another person to deposit the marriage certificate to the registry office on behalf of the couple. But make no mistake – the overall responsibility for this lays with the couple, so be wary whom you entrust this duty to.

Are there any other things set to change with these new marriage laws in England and Wales?

In a move welcomed by many single parents, Father’s details will be able to be substituted by Mother’s maiden name and details and, as previously mentioned, heterosexual couples can now have a civil partnership instead of a marriage.

Just to reiterate 

The new registration laws will affect ALL marriages in England and Wales, however, it is those marrying in a legal religious ceremony (that don’t already need a legal ceremony to be performed beforehand) whom will feel the most effect from this new law. For example, anyone marrying in a church of England ceremony, Roman Catholic Ceremony, etc with a Vicar or Priest. And only those marriages thought to be from December 2019 onwards. Those carried out by a registrar will feel little change except that they won’t get their marriage certificate there and then like they would have done before. Scottish Weddings are unaffected.

Having a religious ceremony December 2019 onwards? Make sure you understand the new laws in England and Wales

Who can I contact for further advice regarding these new laws?

If you are getting married December 2019 onwards, your vicar, priest or other legal officiants will be able to advise you on how and where to register your marriage to avoid a fine and further advice on the new marriage laws in England and Wales likely to affect you. Alternatively, contact your local registry office or the GRO directly here.


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No photos allowed, and that includes your professional photographer! As part of our job, we have to abide by either the registrars or ministers rules when photographing weddings, we know for instance any weddings conducted by the Swindon Registrars, we have to stop photographing once the bride is in, we are allowed to photograph the exchanging of the rings, and then from the first kiss, but nothing else until the service is over. Then as standard, no one is allowed to photograph the official register, but a dummy one is then used for photos.

That we thought was the worst case scenario, however several times this year, we have been stopped from photographing any of the service, being made to sit at the back of the church out of eye site of the minister and told not to move. It is possible these ministers may have had very bad experiences with pushy photographers in the past, however one did try to tell me it was the Church of England's rules, which as far as I know is rubbish (unless someone can tell me otherwise).

As standard we normally get the couple to check the registrars or churches polices before the day, however on at least two occasions we have only been told this on the day, which means the couple get a lot less photos, and some of the most important photos are missed in my view.

With this in mind, please, please check when booking, and if possible get it agreed in writing just in case the minister changes that you are allowed full photography when booking, it is your day and you should be allowed to have it captured, even if no guests are allowed to take photos, your paid professional should be.

I really hope this helps a few couples in the future to ensure they they the photos they deserve.

Keep Smiling.





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Paparazzi Wedding Guests & Unplugged Weddings There is one wedding subject that often causes a lot of arguments, and that is should your guests be allowed to take photos?

I'm a firm believer in that is your decision, some opt for having a totally unplugged wedding, others ask their guests not to share photos until the evening or until after the couple have, and like everything to do with your wedding, that is your choice and no one should dictate that too you.

However.... if you do choose to allow your guests to use their phones, please encourage them to respect your photographers or videographers as I can honestly say I've lost count of the number of photos that have been ruined by guests with cameras, phones, or tablets getting in the way, and even pushing past to get their shot first, and some of those moments can't be replaced. I should warn that even if you do request no photos, some guests will totally ignore that.

I often find throwing the confetti is a favourite time for guests to act full paparazzi; as photographers we try to set the guests in such a manor that the couple walk through a shower of confetti to get beautiful photos as sometime their will be just one perfect one, with the right amount of confetti, and smiles, only to have Auntie Jean step out in front of the couple to get her photos, blocking the view of the photographer totally, meanwhile the confetti dwindles and the beautiful, carefully planned shot is lost, the same goes for either the bride and supporter walking in the church/room, or the couple leaving the church/room, yes it's lovely to have the memories captured on your mobile, however when the couple is spending many hundreds of pounds if no thousands on photographers, I'm sure they would rather have those shots than the ones from your phone. 

Any of our customers will know we have been forced to add a clause in our contract regarding this as it is so prevalent now, which is sad, as if only people gave a little thought to the couple, they would understand what they are doing, and even worse I've even had one person respond when asked to politely move, that they were sorry and had a unplugged wedding themselves for that reason, yet they were happy to do it to others. 

Finally if you are looking at having both photographers and videographers, please ensure they are happy working with each other, sadly we have had to work with one videographer who insisted on getting in the way constantly, even after being asked by a member of the wedding party to be more careful, and ruined several shots, some of which were very apparent to the couple concerned. I'm glad to say this was a rare occurrence.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you have an amazing day, everyone respects your wishes and you have beautiful photos.


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How much are your wedding photos worth? I've written blogs in the past on making sure you choose the right photographer, so not going into all the due diligence you should go through to ensure they will deliver as promised, and this is not a blog blowing our own trumpet justifying why we charge what we do, and I'm happy to put my hand up and say we may not be the right fit for every couple and if you have the budget their are photographers out there that charge a lot more than ourselves, who knock my socks off with their skills, how you are paying for it with price tags two, three or even four times what we charge.

I just want to run a couple few fact past you not on why we charge what we do, but just some of the unseen expenses a professional photographer has, when you are thinking, well I only need them for a few hours, when you see photographers offering to travel from one end of the country to the other for a very small amount of money.

1. Fuel, some of our further wedding we can spend £50 on fuel before anything else, let alone anything inside London where we may have to pay the congestion charge on top which is an additional £11.50 at time of writing.

2. Website/Editing Software/Internet/ Back-Up. All these come at a cost which we have to cover out of what we charge.

3. Insurance, Car, Public Liability, and Equipment.

4. Car Maintenance, tax, MOT.

5. Depending on your package, they may have to pay a second shooter.

6. Also Package dependant, USB Flash Drives, Albums, Canvases, Prints, Presentation Boxes, and postage to send these out.

7. Equipment, Cameras, Lenses, and even memory card are expensive.

8. Time, this is the one are that is very much over looked, when we photograph a full days wedding, It normally takes (Me anyway) up to two weeks to edit the photographs, and if we have other bookings in between maybe longer .

I've not even gone in to advertising/marketing , electric for running computers, house/studio insurance.

Add all of this up, and you understand why wedding photography is not the cheapest item you will invest in if you want the quality of photographs and service you deserve on your special day. 

Please, please keep safe that is all we ask. 

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The Traditions behind Wedding Traditions Wedding Traditions


There are a lot of wedding traditions and as we have become a multicultural society no doubt these will develop and change further over time. As for the more traditional British traditions that people accept but have never really understood why they happen; others have now become confused due to exposure to American films and television. I hope this will help clarify just a few for you.


Getting Down on One Knee to Propose

It’s not really known where this tradition originated, however it is believed to go back to Tudor times when men would bow and doff (remove) their hat for ladies as a sign of admiration and politeness. Doffing your hat is an even older sign of respect as that does back to medieval knight lifting their visors to show their face as a sign of respect to opponents at tournaments, and even during battle.


Not Seeing Each Other the Night Before the Wedding

This goes back to when marriages were arranged, and the couple did not meet or see each other before the wedding just in case either party did not like the look for the other and pulled out of the wedding or more likely ran away.


"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue"

It derives from the Old English rhyme, "Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”; which names the five traditional good-luck objects a bride should have with her on her wedding day.

Like many things, you don't stress over them, they’re usually small tokens of love that your mother, sister, other relatives and/or attendants will give you, or you could get yourself. Now of course, this tradition extends far beyond trinkets for the bride. Two grooms can sport blue ties or borrow their grandfathers' cuff links. Bridesmaids can wear blue and act as the bride's “something blue.” We've seen blue hair and blue manicures, a display of old family photographs, new jewellery, or watch for the groom.

Here's the original meaning behind these Old English couplets.

The Meaning of "Something Old"

Back in medieval time, including “something old” was a sure way to ward off the Evil Eye and protect any future children the couple might have (the Evil Eye was thought to cause infertility in the bride). But recently “something old” represents continuity, and couples use this as a chance to wear a sentimental piece of jewellery or item of clothing belonging to an older relative. Often the parents of the bride will gift her an heirloom before the ceremony.

The Meaning of “Something New”

This one’s pretty straightforward: “Something new” offers optimism for the future. The couple is about to enter into a new chapter in their lives, so walking into marriage with “something new” makes total sense. Don’t worry about searching for the an extra “something new”, it really could mean your dress, shoes, jewellery.

The Meaning of "Something Borrowed"

Incorporating “something borrowed” brings the couple good luck. By borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative, the bride or couple ensures a little of their good fortune rubs off on them. The old-fashioned superstition urged the bride to borrow the undergarments of female friend or relative with a happy marriage and healthy kids (again with the fertility thing). But, of course, today it’s all about honouring a loved one or holding onto something of sentimental value—like your grandmother’s wedding hair comb or your mother’s diamond earrings—for a touch of good luck as you say your “I dos.”

The Meaning of "Something Blue"

While wearing or carrying “something blue” was also meant to deflect that pesky Evil Eye in medieval time, the colour blue stands for love, purity and fidelity—three key qualities for a solid marriage, blue was also an expensive colour to produce so also linked with the sixpence with prosperity. Traditionally the bride often wore a blue garter under her dress, however you don’t have to wear “something blue” to ward off wicked spirits: Sprinkle blue clematis into the bouquet, pick out a gorgeous pair of blue pumps, find a powder-blue bow tie or use blue ribbon to tie your invitation suites together—just because you feel like it.

The Meaning of “Sixpence in your Shoe”

This can be a little more difficult these days as we don’t have a sixpence in circulation, however there are plenty available on the internet, some of which have been drilled so that can be worn or used as a charm on the shoe, flowers, or even as a charm on the garter. The Sixpence was to bring prosperity, especially as originally, they were actually made of silver. A slightly darker side was also a hidden message for the wife to always have a little hidden money if she needed it for any reason. In todays society of equality this is not relevant, but still a nice tradition if you are that way inclined.


Why Does the Bride Wear White?

Most people this this is one of the oldest traditions, however it’s not and only goes back to Queen Victoria. Before then it was just tradition to wear your best clothes to get married in and in most cases your best clothes were black as it was cheaper to dye clothes black than to colour them or try and get white cloth that was only available to the very rich.

The young Queen Victoria and Albert were seen as trend setters of their day, hence as Victoria wore white all they ladies wanted to be seen to do the same and copied her starting the trend. Victoria wrote in her diary: “I wore a white satin dress with a deep flounce of Honiton lace, an imitation of an old design, and my jewels were my Turkish diamond necklace and earrings and dear Albert’s beautiful sapphire brooch”.


The Brides Bouquet

In Medieval times the bridal bouquet was not an aesthetic accent, but a necessary accessory. In the Middle Ages, brides would carry herbs with pungent scents, like dill and wild garlic, to ward off evil spirits and to mask the unpleasant scent of body odor. (Remember, they didn’t bathe very often back then.) Also, apparently dill has the added advantage of being an aphrodisiac, so the bride would conveniently have it on hand for herself and her new husband to consume post-ceremony to encourage the expected consummation.


The Bride Being Given Away

Originally weddings were more of a business transaction rather than just for love, the bride would be sold or a dowry offered to an appropriate value, which could have been made up of anything from animals to barrels of wine, so when asked who gave the bride away, normally the father would say them to prove they agreed with the marriage, to stop couples eloping.


Why Does the Bride Stand in the Left of the Groom?

Once again this is a very old tradition; the bride always stood on the left so the groom could defend is wife with a sword in his right hand, and still hold on to her to stop her being stolen away or kidnapped, either by another man for to be ransomed back to him.


Why do we Wear Wedding Rings, and Why do we Wear Them on the Fourth Finger of the Left Hand?

Many believe the tradition began with the Romans, who thought a vein called the vena amoris (The Vein of Love, named after the Roman Goddess of love Venus) which ran straight from the fourth finger on the left hand to the heart. This tradition was then passed on when the Roman empire spread across Europe, and the locals wanted to be seen to be on trend and followed their fashions.

Others believe it began simply because the left hand is generally least used and so a more practical choice for adornment.

The Egyptians used the middle finger of the left hand, while ancient Gauls and Britons favoured the little finger.

Vikings also exchanged rings as part of their wedding ceremony, however they also exchanged ancestral swords.

Roman Catholics preferred to use the right hand for betrothal and wedding rings until the middle of the 18th century.

Rarely worried about superstitions state It is supposedly unlucky for a bride to try on her wedding ring before marriage and it is said that whichever of the couple drops the ring in church shall be the first to die. It is also said to be unlucky to remove a wedding ring before seven years of marriage.


Why do we Throw Confetti?

The tradition of showing the happy couple in something goes back to Roman times again, originally it was grains of wheat or oat, as an offering for good fertility and wealth, as time progressed this became white rice, however all of these can hurt so paper confetti took over as it could be made in bright colours and didn’t hurt when thrown.

As time progresses and even biodegradable confetti is banned at many locations there has been calls for alternatives so some couples have opted to use bird seed, bubbles, or mini pompom balls that can be collected as a game by any children afterwards.


The Wedding Cake

Pies, Buns, and Cakes have played a very big part in British weddings for hundreds of years. Going back to medieval times the wedding guests would present bread and pies as gifts to the couple as wedding presents to get them started off as the new wife set-up their home together, also the happy couple would kiss over a heaped pile of sweet rolls. By the 1800’s this tradition had progressed to guests leaving a pie under the bride’s pillow.

As time moved on other traditions involved the bride making one of the wedding cakes as an offering of good luck; more recently couples would have a fruitcake as the top tear, which would be saved to be the Christening cake of their first-born child.

Now it is accepted the couple cuts the cake, so it can be shared amongst their guests, some couples are also opting to copy an American tradition by feeding cake to each other as a sign of affection, which often resorts the cake being mushed in to each other’s faces to great laughter from the guests.


The First Dance

Dating back to the 18th Century to the days of royal balls, the first dance was normally opening spectacle that kicked off the party. It was customary for the male guest of honour, possibly a visiting royal to invite the lady of the house to join him in the first dance. This tradition eventually became a wedding custom.

The wedding host, traditionally the bride’s father, would dance with her first, followed by the groom, this also acted like the giving away of the bride as the handing over of the daughter to her new husband and into his care.


The Bouquet Toss

During the more barbaric times of 15th century Britain, there was a peculiar tradition at the end of the wedding day.  Where the guests tore at the bride’s dress, flowers and even hair, as they believed that grabbing a piece of the bride’s outfit would pass some of her good luck on to them.

However, as the guests could get very rowdy and cause injuries to the bride, a tradition evolved where the bride would simply toss her flowers at the mob and run for her life.


Wedding Favours

Some believe this may have progressed from the bouquet toss. The very first wedding favours were known as ‘bonbonnieres’ and were gifts given to guests as they are today.

The meaning behind a wedding favour is that it is a symbol of good luck. Today, guests usually look forward to something sweet for their favour, however many centuries ago bridal parties would give their guests a sugar cube as a sign for wealth. Sugar cubes were seen to be very expensive and therefore were only available to the rich.

Over time sugar cubes became affordable to everyone and were later substituted for almonds coated in sugar, sugared almonds also known as confetti, which we know today and are a still a popular traditional wedding favour to choose, although there are so many more options available now from love hearts to charity pins.


The Honeymoon

Surprisingly, the romantic idea of a honeymoon is attributed war-loving Vikings. Newlywed Viking couples were sent to live in a cave for one month. Every day, during 30 moons, a family member would be sent to visit them, delivering a them a jug of honeyed wine. This was later translated to the term ‘honeymoon’ for the period a couple would be left alone to consummate the marriage and to get to know each other.


Carrying the bride over the threshold


This back-breaking wedding custom came to Britain from Germany.

In the days of the Germanic tribes, the groom had to hoist the bride over his shoulder and carry her into his hut, as it made her look less enthusiastic about the wedding night and was therefore regarded as a guarantee of her chastity.


Dead Traditions

As much as a lot of traditions have stayed with us, and developed to what we follow today, there are just as many that have died out, most thankfully. Here are just a couple for you to think about.


The Bedding Ceremony

The bedding ceremony was a medieval tradition that would make most modern people blush. Old-school couples didn't wait long to consummate their marriage: they were expected to do the deed soon after exchanging vows. In some cases, witnesses were required to witness the act, and the poor brides under garments were thrown to the waiting crowd as evidence of their successful consummation or even worse the bed sheets would be hung out of a window to prove the bride’s virginity had been taken.

This is also where we believe the tradition of the groom removing and throwing the garter to the gathered guests comes from.


Exchanging One Sister for Another

Double weddings have fallen out of fashion now, but they've been very popular in the past, usually with pairs of siblings from the same family marrying at once (Jane Austen's double wedding at the end of Pride & Prejudice is one of the most famous in fiction). Royal families and dynasties did double betrothals and weddings a lot; in the 16th century, the Portuguese Princess Maria Manuela married the future King of Spain, and her younger brother married the future King's younger sister at the same time. But in aristocratic marriages of the time, sister exchange was also a thing. If, for some reason, one sister proved not to be acceptable before a wedding (or died), it was considered perfectly OK for another to be substituted at the altar.


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Don't let them win! I wrote a blog last summer about discrimination from wedding suppliers

Sadly I have now experienced reverse discrimination by a potential client who after looking at my personal profile decided not to use ourselves as their wedding photographers due to our physical size, and the fact both myself and my partner are over weight.

I only discovered this after hearing from a friend in the business, who I had recommended to the couple asked if they were using ourselves for photography and they blatantly turned around and said no, because we were too over weight. As you can imagine our friend was horrified and refused to do business with the couple himself.

I wish I could say this is the first time I've been discriminated against, however it is not, when I was still in the corporate world I had been discriminated against for my size, age, and gender believe it or not. and it goes without saying I have faced discrimination in my personal life, with everything from name calling to not being asked to be party of a wedding party as the bride thought I may ruin her wedding photos.

As you can imagine it has made me fairly thick skinned, however there are still times it gets to me, and it really riles me to see others getting the same treatment no matter what the reason. 

So how do we move one personally and as professionals. Personally I will do nothing more than I'm doing now, all are welcome to book our services, no matter shape, size, disability, colour, sexual orientations, belief; I will even go as far to say the more weird you are the more welcome you are.

Please share this message as it should be as important as any other discrimination message.

Finally this is me, Roger Parker, a fat, friendly, ageing, slightly mad, animal loving, kid entertaining, caring, upmost professional photographer, and I'm proud!

Love and Peace to you all.


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The Real Cost of UK Weddings If you spend any time reading wedding magazines, or on facebook groups you will see people comparing the costs of weddings or suppliers telling you that they are based on the average price etc, however little is ever spoken of the real cost of weddings, not just the monetary value, so lets look at the big picture starting with the in quotes average costs, according to the national wedding survey for 2018.

In 2018, the average cost of a wedding rose by 12% to nearly £27,000, however that said the majority of couples choose to spend between £10,000 and £20,000. However as long as you don't go into major debt to get married, does it matter what you spend as long as you have the day you want, and to help with this there are venues, and suppliers to suit everyone's budget, although there are plenty out there that will tell you that you should be spending more, and I hate to say it, but photographers are one of the worse for this. I've seen some telling people the average price is £1,500 where in fact it's officially just over £1,200, however as there is so much difference in packages I personally struggle to work out how you get an average, however as any good statistician will tell you any survey, can be read to give you the results you want to see.

Sadly One thing that is very clear is the with one mention of a wedding certain peoples mentality changes, either suppliers get greedy, friends, family, and even strangers get jealous, or worse of all con-men/women see it as an opportunity to take advantage. Gladly there is the opposite as well, as some people show how genuine they can really be.

A few things I would share from being part of many weddings, and from personal experience is that be very careful when picking your wedding party, all to often people are not as reliable as you may think, yet you feel obliged to ask them to be your bridesmaid or best-man, only for them to be of no help, let you down, or let their own jealousy kick in. Choose people you can really trust and rely on, it will help keep your stress level under control.

Please don't let others peoples jealousy ruin your day, far too often, especially on social media, we see post from brides saying a family member or friend has rushed to book their wedding before theirs, or have stolen their ideas. Remember most people will know you were first, and it's unlikely 100% of the guests will be the same so just have your day your way. Also with this in mind, don't feel like you have to compete with anyone. One piece of advice we often give is don't fall into the additional, additional trap, just because Sally & Bob had a photobooth, or hired a fancy sweet cart, you don't have too, nor do you have to worry about keeping your guests entertained all day, if they are not there just to celebrate your day, save money by not inviting them in the first place.

Finally very simply put, it's your day, do it to your budget, your way, , only invite people who wan't to be their, and only rely on people to support you, you can truly rely on not people you feel obliged to ask, and don't compare your day to anyone else's as they only people who need to be happy at the end of the day is you!

Have a wonderful day. Don't get stressed, and remember to use our free wedding planning tools, on our downloads page if they will help you. 

Peace and Love.





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More than your average wedding photographers As we get ready to kick off the 2019 season we are finding ourselves facing a lot more competition than in previous years, and sadly long with that a lot more people taking advantage of couples why either taking their money and not turning up or taking their money and providing poor quality photos, as a lot of people do not realise that wedding photography especially if more than just taking a photo, even knowing how to edit a photo to get the most out if it take a special eye, and experience, and personally I never stop learning or experimenting to ensure I can give something unique to our couples. 

In addition to the actual photographic side,  we often find ourselves being an integral part of the couples day, and privy to a lot of the behind the scenes action, from helping the bride and groom dress, to helping set-up, dealing with panic attacks or even injuries, and that's just on the day, let alone any help we give before the day.

Going that extra mile is something that will never change as that is just Susie and myself, however we are always open to additional ideas of what we can do to help you?

I often find myself wanting to scream when I see couples being hounded by other photographers promising them the earth including free travel when the wedding is in Kent and they are based in Scotland, and all for £350. But in this day and age money is tight and we have been known to undertake our specials to help couples who have little budget for photography, just so they don't get ripped off. These weddings normally cost us money, and we are very limited on how may people we can help, and not impact our full paying clients or stop putting food on our own table.

All we ask in return is a fair review and maybe a recommendation where possible.

We look forward to all our weddings, no matter how big or small, and are so privileged to do what we do.

If you haven't booked with us yet, please ask to peak to one of our other clients as we fully open to you to ensure you can have that level of trust. 

Please reach out for anything.



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Getting the Best from your Wedding Photographer/s We see a lot of posts on social media about my photographer has asked for a list of photos, or even sadly posts where couples are upset because they didn’t get the photos they wanted during their special day.

Most issues or questions can be resolved easily with planning and communication, however there are a few other tips we would like to share that may also improve the quality and even number of the photos you get from your day.

Choosing The right Photographer

Firstly, you need to choose the right photographer, you need to make sure you choose the right style of photographer, if you decide you want a documentary style photographer, then get upset as they didn’t get a photo of you and your mum, they can’t always be blamed as they might not have been in the right place at the right time.  Likewise, if you choose a photographer who specialises in formal photographs, you may not then get candid photos of your guests.

This is were you need to do your homework before and during the vetting process, and certainly don’t be swayed by a pushy photographer, cost, or a deal that’s too good to be true.  Decide on your style preference, then always check full albums of work, cross referencing reviews.

For a full vetting guide please see our wedding planning guide on our download page.


So, you have chosen your photographer, now what? Certainly, that should not be the last time you communicate until the wedding, we encourage our customers to talk to us regularly, many add us as friends on social media, or at minimum follow our facebook page to see what work we are doing. If you have gone with another photographer, keep in touch if they don’t, they should not have an issue with that, if they do, have you chosen the right photographer?

Next steps, prepping for your big day. Before your big day you should have at least one final meeting with your photographer, either in person, phone, video call, whichever is easiest. During this meeting you should confirm the running order of your day, confirm times and addresses of where the photographer/s need to be, and finally confirm what specific photos you want on your day, this does not need to be a huge list as some group photos go without saying, however if you have specific people you must have photos with let your photographer know these, such as God Parents, Multigeneration, Guests from overseas, etc. Please remember often for formal photos we only have a limited amount of time, and some of that we want to concentrate on you the couple, so a list of 200 group shots may not be feasible, and your guest will not be cooperative in most cases, as they tend to wander off, not listen to instructions, or just be awkward in some cases as they don’t want to be in your photos.


There are a few things you can put in place before your big day to help you photographer and enable them to take a few better or extra photos.

Ask someone to help the photographer get people in the right place for photos, this can be the best man or a family member (Often one of the Mums), we often use the phrase “Like hearding cats” as an analogy of getting guests into group shots, so any help is appreciated.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, however if you are having prep photos taken at home, try to keep certain areas tidy, We have often had lovely photos spoilt as we couldn’t avoid items in the shot such as toys or washing drying, we really appreciate it’s such a busy time, however we just want you to have the best photos possible.

If you are staying at a hotel the night before, if possible, ask for a room with a big window or balcony, a shot of the bride looking out of a window or door is one of our most requested photos, and always much loved by our couples.

Your Big Day

Parking, too often we have had trouble parking either near a client’s house or even at venues, churches etc, please remember we are carrying camera bags, etc and often don’t know the area so any help is appreciated as we don’t want to be late getting to you as he have spent time trying to park, or having to walk half a mile to reach a church which could result in us missing very important shots.

Keeping rooms tidy also goes for the day itself, either at home or in your hotel room. Keeping the room tidy helps so much, which we appreciate can be so difficult as you have limited storage and often very limited space if you have several people getting ready in one room. Having room to take photos, and not having items reflecting in mirrors really improves your photos.

Have a nice hanger for your dress, this doesn’t need to be engraved or have bride on it, a simple white wooden or material hanger will set your dress of so much better than a plastic or metal hanger often supplied by the shop, this also goes for any bridesmaids and flower girl dresses if you are having photos taken of them.

If during your day you need a break from being the centre of attention, please tell your photographer, we always appreciate a drink break ourselves so will never be insulted if you just say can we have 5 mins, in fact we encourage you to take 5 mins to yourselves to take in your day.

Paparazzi Wedding Guests

Family and friends with Cameras, phones etc. Although we have a clause in our contract, it’s not always easy to tell your guests to not interfere or get in the way of your photographer/s. We appreciate family are excited about your big day, however from lots of experience your uncle who has a new camera and has read a copy of amateur photographer, or nan with an IPad will not get the same quality photos as your photographers will, although please don’t stop them taking photos as some will be lovely shots, you may still love. However, all too often in their excitement they spoil shots, or try and tell the photographer how to do their job or ask for the photographer to use their phone or camera to take a picture, which we do not mind doing, but not as we are trying to get the shots you asked for.

Finally have fun, the more fun you have the better photos you will get, nothing is too silly, and we are willing to give anything a go if it makes you happy and gets you good photos.


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Helping deal with Anxiety and stress as you plan a wedding Planning a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming, especially in this day of social media, there's a huge amount of pressure for everything to be perfectly, and bigger and better than others. This means if you're anxious you'll probably feel that pressure even more intensely.

Think of how complicated life can be in general if you're anxious or depressed. Which means you are bound to feel stressed about such a major life event, however it does not mean you're a terrible bride or groom. Be kind to yourself, if you are on medication, keep to your routine and take it, and try not to feel bad.

You're not a bad person if you hate the planning process, however breaking the planning process down in to manageable chunks might help, tick lists or spreadsheets is a good way of doing this, believe me there is nothing more satisfying to cross something out or put a big tick next to it.

If you are like me (Who suffers from both depression and anxiety) you are probably someone who usually likes to plan. After all, planning ahead is second nature to anxious people, just to get through the day; However being put on the spot or bombarded with questions is very different, It can send you into your shell and make your head spin.

If you start to get cold sweats when looking at floral displays and potential dresses, then get your mum, dad, maid of honour, partner, or just a friend to help you, however watch turning to wedding groups on the internet such as facebook, I hate to say some people like to be unkind as if it was a sport, and will not give a honest opinion.

Creating a little mantra for yourself might help so try repeating something like this to yourself at all times: "I'm not a terrible bride/groom if I don't love this process." There's no legal requirement to have a wedding countdown clock on your desktop or spend hours adding ideas to a Pinterest board.

Trust me: The life you're going to have with your partner is going to be way more memorable and important than the colour scheme you end up picking.

Never turn down help, and never be shy to ask for help, especially If you see deadlines looming and find yourself running out of time, please don't suffer in silence. Turn to a friend or relative  and say: "Remember when you asked if there was anything you could do to help? The answer is a thousand times yes."

When it comes to weddings, most other people genuinely want to be there for you. Call them and you'll instantly feel better. And if you're reading this thinking "Hang on, my anxious friend is getting married", give them a call and ask how you can help. However if there is someone causing you more stress, cut them free and turn to someone else. You would not be the first person to sack a bridesmaid or best man.

In the era of facebook, pintrest, instagram, there are endless posts of I had this or that at my wedding and photos of handmade DIY place cards, the pressure has never been greater to include loads of quirky elements. Unfortunately this can be really stressful, as well as add additional financial stress.

The general rule for anxious brides/grooms is that you should take every opportunity to reduce the pressure you're under. But that's easier said than done, as you'll also worry about how you'll feel if your wedding isn't "perfect" (whatever that means).

Try to prioritise the fine touches and detail; it all adds up and before you know it you’re facing an impossible to-do list. It's perfectly OK to have ordinary place cards, a straightforward table plan, or go without a flipflops or photobooth. You'll still have an amazing day.

Strong emotions can make anxiety worse, It's a good idea remind yourself and your partner that freaking out about the wedding does not mean you're not super happy about getting married. It's just the same old stuff you've had to deal with for years being magnified by the wedding stress.

You're both going to feel a bit weird at times – it's a big deal, and you'll inevitably have rows about who to invite and a million and one other things – but let your partner know that it doesn't mean your relationship isn't 100% solid. Sometimes being honest and just saying "I'm stressing like a hell at the moment, however please remember that doesn't mean I don't love you. I would, however, really love a cup of tea/ a pint or a huge glass of wine right about now".

As an anxious person I hate being on display, however it's an integral part of any wedding. Self-consciousness might not be something you consider until quite close to the day itself, but it's a good idea to plan for it. Even as a photographer I feel the stress, we the photos are an integral part of the day for most couples, believe me I've been physically ill the night before a wedding shoot, however on the day I've trained myself to be more outgoing than I actually feel, and in some ways feel like an actor playing a role, and that advice goes for brides and grooms as well.

You're going to feel pretty delicate the week before the wedding, even if you've been careful and looked after yourself, so this is the time to have that support around you more than ever, and don't over commit yourself as you'll want to be nice, you'll want to answer endless questions from people who didn't read the details on the invitation. Maybe people are used to you being accommodating. But this is your wedding. It's OK to say no, or to let the phone ring out.

Without feeling bad, add an extra line of protection between you and your dearly loved (and pain-in-the-ass) friends: Appoint a gatekeeper. It could be a mum, one of the wedding party, or a good friend. Hand out their number and let people bother them. They can deal with weird requests, only coming to you with important stuff.

Don't feel bad about it either. People don't actually want to bother the couple in the run-up to a wedding, but they do need answers to questions. By appointing a gatekeeper, it makes it easier for them, and means you can focus on feeling calm.

You might feel the only way for things to go "perfectly" on the wedding day is if you keep a close eye on all of it, but that's actually the best possible way to utterly exhaust yourself, which can make anxiety worse.

If your partner has absolutely no opinion on flowers, colours, and a million and one other things, turn to your friends instead. If they offer to help, let them. If the bridesmaids say they can research things for you, turn that over to them.

Learn to tell the little things from the big things. What bags your bridesmaids carry? A little thing. What the person who's conducting the ceremony is going to say about your relationship? A pretty big thing.

Focus on dealing with the big things and try to break the habit of a lifetime by delegating the minor points to your partner, friends, and family. You have great judgment and they do too.

Anxious people worry about the fact they're worrying. That's what we do, to the extent that we can actually convince ourselves of almost anything, so try to take some time to chill, do something non-wedding related, and stay off of facebook etc. for at least a week. You'll feel much better for it.

It's hard to avoid letting your wedding take over your whole life, especially on the extra-stressful final stretch. But your hobbies, friends, and interests are what keeps the anxiety wolf from the door, so letting those slide is a bad idea.

When it comes to your big day, don't be surprised if you feel overly calm, it is a natural reaction. Also remember that you have chosen people to support you who you trust, lean on them if you need too, also don't be afraid to lean on suppliers like your photographers, trust them to be there for you, and if you don't you have hired the wrong people to make sure you gel at the booking stage. For example we carry umbrellas, and an emergency kit that contains plasters, headache pills, sewing kit etc, just to remove that stress from you.

Finally take time to yourselves to enjoy your day, even if it means leaving your guests and going to another room, it is your day after all. However most of all have a wonderful day.


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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year. As our year finishes with a bang and a very busy December for weddings we look back over our highs and lows over the last 12 months.

Many of you will be aware our greatest low was the loss of our greatest supporter my much loved mother after a long illness, it was my decision to give up the rat race of the high tech industry to care for my mum and complete my photography certifications and get our business of the ground that lead us to where we are today, and it was the greatest decision I've ever made, especially when I look at this years highs.

From Justin & Laura on a very windy Isle of Portland in January, to battling four inches of show to get to Simon & Alice last weekend in Hook in Hampshire we have met so many wonderful people, and made so many new friends in the process it really has been an honour to capture so many special moments.

One of the most endearing themes that have run through nearly every wedding is family, from grandfathers battling all the odds to walk granddaughters down the isle to the unrequited love shown by fathers from blended families, and we can only hope to see more and more of this as well as the family love we see at each wedding.

As you may have read in our blog "It shouldn't happen to a wedding photographer! not everything goes to plan and last Sunday's wedding was nearly the same we we woke to 4 inches of snow luckily we have our little old 4x4 that struggled past all the other stricken traffic struggling to get up hills to get us to the venue on time, even if we did have to leave early and of course not forgetting my own slip and slide as I face planted in the snow trying to get into the car in the first place. injuring my knee yet again and adding a bruised shoulder this time, but hay nothing stops us getting to a wedding.

So as we have no wedding bookings for a few weeks, we will be getting ready for the new season and beyond.

So that just leaves us to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

With love and Best Wished.

Roger and Susie.




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More than wedding photographers Hi All,

I just wanted to say Hi and just remind our lovely friends, supporters and customers that there is more to our services other than wedding photography.

We offer event coverage including parties, proms, sports events, and other social events, Natural family photo sessions, engagement shoots, christening shoots, pet portraits, and even 1 to 1 basic training.

We will be updating our website soon with more details regarding these services, and we are also always happy to issue gift vouchers for family photo sessions on request.

Another area we are looking to expand is our art offerings, for as some of you know photography is more than just a business to us, we both love taking photos especially of nature and wildlife. So will be setting up a mini shop if people would like prints or cards etc.

Please remember nothing is too much trouble, so if it involved photography please just ask, and remember to drop by and like Susie's new facebook page Fancraftic where she sells her beautiful glasses we use in our platinum packages amongst other handcrafted items.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Please and Love.



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Confetti, Bubbles, Petals. Pom Poms, Rice, or Candy Floss! Things have certainly changed in the world of confetti since I went to my first wedding, When every other person had the obligatory box of Woolworth's confetti, now it seems to be the norm the couple are expected to supply confetti, if you are allowed it, or it's biodegradable, or real petals. 

We often carry a biodegradable confetti canon with us just in case, however, it's becoming a real pitfall, especially with so many plastic confetti around now, so I thought we could share a few suggestions for alternatives and the pros and cons of each one.

So here we go.....

Non-Biodegradable confetti - Please just don't use it, it's fine for table decorations where it can be collected, but not outside, I've seen venues where the same confetti is there for weeks if not months, and as this is normally plastic-based there is the risk of it being washed down drains, into rivers and the sea adding to the microplastic problems we hear about in the news daily.

Biodegradable confetti - often made from rice paper, so just breaks down in water, can cause marks on dresses if wet, but normally fine.

Bubbles look great if not too windy, but you really need bubble guns to get any real effect, also can leave marks on clothes.

Petals are a great natural choice, simple white rose petals are beautiful and safe on wedding dresses, but be careful with coloured flowers as with biodegradable confetti, if they get wet can cause colour leakage on to dresses. 

Leaves also make great confetti, trying using leaves like rose or bay, and a punch as it will not matter if these dry out once punched. 

Rice, natural and can look great in photos, however, if thrown with any force can be a little painful.

Bird Seed, similar to rice this solves a lot of the problems where confetti is banned due to wildlife, it can be a bit painful if thrown with force. Just one warning avoid very cheap (excuse the pun) as this can introduce strange and invasive plants to the venue causing that to be banned as well. 

Now for two new ideas that have started being used, Small balls of candyfloss, biodegradable, however, if used in the rain would become sticky quickly and mark clothes or leave a sticky residue and would hate the thought of small children picking it up and eating it afterwards.

So that just leaves a lovely idea, Pom Poms, easy and fun to make yourselves, Kids can help make then or as part of your hen or stag if so minded. colours could match your theme, or you could go mad with assorted bright colours, easy to clear up with a brush or spring rake if on grass, they could even be washed and used again

So why not do something different, or think of something new, if you have suggestions why not leave a comment below,

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Happy Birthday to Me and What's New for 2018! So today is my birthday, and also one of they key dates in the creation of Roger Parker Photography after my old SLR and bridge digital cameras were replaced with a shiny new Canon DLSR.

I have been taking photos all of my life and took my first wedding photo at my own parents wedding at the age of 4 years old; however I had never had the freedom to take the level of photographs that I could now produce. A couple years after, not long after I photographed my first wedding and have never looked back, as I increased my knowledge and and qualifications until we fully launched the business and find ourselves where we are today.

This birthday will be quiet as we have a weekend off, apart from a pre-wedding meeting on Sunday at the beautiful Bowood House.

So New for 2018, we have been thinking hard what else we can do to make our weddings couples days even more special so we will be adding a couple free optional extras to our platinum package that we hope you may like.

Firstly we will be offering the use of a beautifully designed Spanish Colada Del Cid style wedding sword to cut your wedding cake, which can also be used to give blessings at hand fasting ceremonies.

Our second new offering will be hosted Mr & Mrs, we will host it and provide the questions and the props, you just have to enjoy the game, whilst we capture your faces and that of your guests!

Lastly with our event customers in mind we are looking to be able to provide additional backdrops rather than our stand black backdrop we have used in the past.

This is just a starting point so keep watching this space for new ideas and don't for get Susie and I for any of your photography needs, including natural outdoor family shoots, 1 on 1 training and any event.

In the Immortal words of Ringo Starr "Peace and Love!"



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Looking to the future! If there is one thing Susie and I have always prided ourselves with, is the level of service we give our customers, being helping find other suppliers, emotional support, a physical pair of hands on the day and most important a quick turn around of lovely photos. Moving forward we are open to ideas on how we can be of greater help, to make your wedding day run smoother and be less stressful.

As we exit out of our busy summer season, we have a fairly quiet period for a month until our winter wedding season starts, we will be making the most of the beautiful autumn colours and soft light to undertake as many natural family photo shoots as possible, so please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a booking, and don't forget your four legged friends as they are always welcome to.

During any spare time I have, I will we working on a couple top secret art photography projects, and if all goes to plan will be creating a shop on the website where you will be able to buy prints, cards, canvases etc of my work if you like it, so please watch this space.

So finally please can Susie and I remind you all that we have no plans to change our modus operandi, and unless exceptional circumstances will continue to only take one full wedding booking per weekend, so we can deliver your photos quickly and fully edited in our unique way you all tell us you love so much. So please if you are thinking about using our services please confirm you booking as soon as possible as it breaks my heart to turn anyone away, and as always there are certain times of year that get booked up very quickly.


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From Registry Office to Manor House As our summer wedding season draws to a close, we have had some amazing customers, with lovely families, and no two weddings were the same, other than the love shown at every single one.

We are always honoured to be part anybodies special day, especially with the responsibility of photographing the day, and pride ourselves in not just photographing the day, but being there to help it go as smoothly as possible, from helping with dressing and buttonholes, to acting as child entertainer when it pours with rain, even if I should wear padding! lol

So a little advice from myself if you are planning your day at the moment.

Firstly it's your day, you don't have to make everyone happy, and certainly don't feel like you have to keep spending on the additional items like sparkly dance-floors or chocolate fountains just because the last wedding you went to had them, you still need to live, and no one expects you too, as long as there is a disco and a bar 90% are happy. 

Secondly we always encourage our customers to take 5 mins to stop and take the day in as it passes so quickly

So what's next for ourselves. Well we still have some wonderful weddings to photography during the autumn and winter, once again everywhere from small registry office weddings to stately homes and everything in between. 

So watch this space for continued updates, and if you haven't booked with ourselves yet, please remember we normally only book one wedding per weekend so we can give you the level of service you deserve, so please don't leave it too long as we hate to disappoint.

Yours with Camera in Hand.


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It Shouldn't Happen to a Wedding Photographer In every job you do, you will end up with a funny story or two, but being a wedding photographer you often have one or two from each wedding, some of which you can't repeat in polite company.

Like many professionals that we are, we carry an emergency bag with us just in case any of our couples or their guests have an emergency, however, even that can't cater for every situation.

M & B's Wedding

During this wedding, I was simply a walking disaster zone and should have had a warning sign around my neck not a camera. 

The day started with us forgetting a little present we were taking for M the bride, even after me having it ready on the chair in full view, by the time we remembered we were already halfway there so no turning back. 

The second disaster to happen was more out of my control, the Wedding venue is within a public park so you have to pay to park, Susie made sure I had the right change ready as she was meeting me there as travelling with part of the wedding party, I went to pay and the parking machine decided to eat half of my money and refuse to give it back, luckily for me you could also pay by a mobile phone app or I would have been getting a ticket or worse.

Number three whilst making sure I had everything I needed from the car, I managed to trip on a wooden rail around the parking area twisting my knee in the process, which left me hobbling like an 80-year-old for the rest of the day, which was difficult as we wanted to utilize the beautiful park the hotel was situated in as much as possible.

Finally, the creme de la creme, between the wedding breakfast and disco we handed out punch balloons to the 23 children at the wedding, which were originally intended to be used outside for some fun photos, however, due to heavy rain the little ones were having a great time running around with them in the lounge area, this may have got them a little too excited as whist heading to the bathroom, one overly excited little boy not watching where he was going in his delight of play, ran straight in the back of me, grabbing my trousers to stop himself falling over, and in doing so ripped the seat out of my trousers, exposing my ample rear end to the world! All I can say is, I was glad to be wearing black boxers, and that everyone was far too polite to say anything about the photographer with his ass hanging out of his trousers for the rest of the evening, although I was trying to keep my back against the wall most the rest of the wedding.

Speaking to the couple afterwards They told me no one noticed, not that I believe that! lol

I think I'll be carrying spare clothes from now on!

M & L's Wedding

For once it wasn't me this time, Sadly poor Susie was the one who ended up flat on the ground.

We had very kindly been asked to join the wedding party for the wedding breakfast, during the meal we noticed a few people swapping their chairs out as they were wobbly, however never thought anything about it until suddenly Susie suddenly disappeared from view as two of the side legs just folded under her chair tipping her on the floor with quite a bump, winding her in the process and scaring the life out of me. Luckily although she was shaken and was stiff for a few days no major harm was done, however, I suspect the venue might be more careful to check their furniture as they set up in the future.

Final Story

R & S's Wedding

The one thing all wedding photographers need to remember is to look behind them, you may have seen youtube or blooper show clips of photographers falling back into fountains or missing a step and flying into a lake or pond. Luckily nothing that catastrophic has ever happened to us however I am guilty of not checking what I was stepping on.

During a recent outdoor wedding in a beautiful very natural wild garden, Susie and I were working as a team to capture shots as people milled around the garden, using the cut paths to pass between the wildflower beds, As Susie was taking photos, I nipped round the back of everyone to take up a new position, decided that blocking the path was not a good idea so found an area within the flowers I could stand causing no damage, I stepped into place, however as I went to place my second foot, it disappeared 12 inches down a hidden hole, causing me to lose my balance, made worse by my camera and bag shifting further throwing me off balance, and back first into the flowers with my legs up in the air! Luckily my foot did not catch in the hole otherwise I may have broken my ankle, so nothing was hurt other than my pride, and twisting the same knee as before, which is never great after years of playing rugby. 

The father of the groom rushed to help me up, and as I found my feet, I found my sense of humour and said I hope everyone enjoyed the free stunt show, making everyone laugh.

I guess that most photographers will have stories from weddings, but based on the number we have photographed over the years we have got away lightly.!

We hope that gave you a chuckle, and I promise not children or wildflowers were harmed in this blog and each couple were left with amazing photos of their special days.

Keep Smiling.




(Roger Parker Photography) accident flowers photographer photography stunt show trousers wedding Mon, 31 Jul 2017 20:24:07 GMT
Bullies and Bigotry have no place in photography! Earlier today by heart broke when I read a post within a Facebook group from a bride to be stating she was unable to find a photographer for her same sex wedding, as she had often been ignored or just turned down by multiple photographers so far.

Even though she was considerably out of our area, I offered to photograph her wedding if she was unable to find anyone locally at no extra cost. At this point I'm still waiting to hear how she is progressing, however the offer still stands.

Being of a larger build I've had to deal with bigots, bullies, and pure ignorance all of my life, and very much hate other people suffering from it also, yet even in this modern age it continues, and in some ways is made worse by social media as a faceless way of being a bully. I've written before that I still get bullied by other photographer because they don't like our honest approach and don't fall into the bad habits a few use to try and get more business, I also don't get business from certain clients where they are prejudice over my weight, which has no impact on our ability to photography your wedding or event.

So here is my promise to you!

No matter if you are black, white, yellow, brown, fat (like me), thin, gay, straight, disabled, tattooed, pierced, have ginger hair or are from the planet Zog, we will not be prejudice against you, and in fact will be honoured to photograph your wedding, or event.

So if you would like us to capture your special day please get in touch.

Love to you all.



(Roger Parker Photography) black bullied bullies disabled gay photographer photography prejudice same sex wedding straight. wedding white yellow Mon, 17 Jul 2017 14:35:37 GMT
Insuring your Wedding I've met a lot of our lovely readers of our blog in the wedding groups on Facebook, and one thing I see too often is couples either being scammed or venues or suppliers going bankrupt or closing without notice.

We have covered this before in short within other blogs, but wanted to really emphasise making sue you are covered as much as possible. So with this in mind here are a few suggestions to help protect yourselves, in conjunction with our other blogs.


Due Diligence 

Before anything else your MUST perform due diligence on any suppliers you use, including your venue, which will surprise a lot of people. The reason behind this is, we see a lot of venues changing hands before weddings with major staff and policy changes, so if this is due to happen you need to either be prepared or find another venue. As for your other suppliers, There is info below, but contracts, checking reviews, remembering things like Facebook likes can be bought and so on.


Wedding Insurance

As soon as you start booking your wedding take out wedding insurance, however check the fine print as if you are planning more than two years ahead you may have to ask suppliers to re-issue contracts after two years. A few of the main suppliers of good insurance are John Lewis, Debenhams, and M&S (.



I think everyone knows they should never use friends and families to pay suppliers, even if they moan about the extra charges for a business transaction, and some even ask you to pay those charges with is illegal. If they are not willing to take the hit, they need to adjust their pricing structure to cover that.


Bank Transfers

Most of your big suppliers with normally take payment via bank transfer, which some people warn you about, however if you have done your due diligence, and insist on contracts and receipts this should not be an issue, and many sole traders won't have credit card facilities. 


Credit Cards

Now I would never advise anyone using credit cards to pay for a wedding, however for things like venue deposits I would suggest paying with a credit card then using your savings to pay it straight off, this was you you have extra insurance if the venue does have problems before your wedding. This goes for any major purchases where possible.



Very simple, no contract no business and read the fine print, and that goes for any service supplier big or small, and please never pay a deposit before getting and signing a contract.



Simply always ask for a receipt, even if just a PayPal one, and keep them until your wedding is over and fingers crossed you had the most wonderful day of your lives.


I hope this is helpful, and if anyone has further suggestions please let me know and either add them as a comment or I'm happy to add them to this entry.

Stay safe and have a wonderful day.



(Roger Parker Photography) contract credit card insurance paypal receipt scam suppliers venue wedding wedding photography Wed, 21 Jun 2017 08:36:23 GMT
What to ask a wedding venue No matter which supplier you are dealing with there are always those questions you forget to ask that can catch you out afterwards. So with that in mind we have compiled a list of question to ask your wedding venue to ensure there are no hidden clauses or costs that you may regret later on.

  1. Which dates are available in our chosen wedding month?

  2. How many guests can this venue accommodate (Day and Night)?

  3. Would it be possible to have our wedding ceremony at this venue? Which rooms could we use for this purpose?

  4. How long do we have the use of the venue for? Is there a set ending time? Can we extend?

  5. Will you be hosting any other weddings at the same time as ours?

  6. Do they provide a wedding suite as part of the package, or is this extra if available at all & Can you view. Also is this available the night before or what time can you have the room before the service if wishing to ger ready there?

  7. Do they provide discounted accommodation for wedding guests, if so is there a minimum amount of bookings/maximum?

  8. What time would we be able to start setting up for the wedding?

  9. What are the guidelines for decorations?

  10. Are the tablecloths, chairs, cutlery and glasses provided or do we need to rent our own? Can we have a look at the available choices?

  11. Do you have a list of preferred caterers? Can we see sample menus? Check food hygiene rating?

  12. Can we bring our own alcohol? If so, what corkage do you charge (including alcoholic wedding favours)?

  13. Do you have the option of a paid bar? Would there be a specific amount that would have to be reached before the end of the reception?

  14. Can this venue accommodate a band or DJ, including all of their equipment? Are there enough electrical outputs for the music and the lighting?

  15. Do you have any special facilities for children?

  16. Do you have disabled access/rooms?

  17. When do we need to pay our holding deposit? Are there any other fees we should know about? (Corkage, taxes, service charge)

  18. Would there be a venue coordinator available on the day?

  19. What deposit is required, what are the payment terms?

  20. Is VAT included in the price?

  21. Is there any extra penalties if you date had to be moved or wedding cancelled?

  22. (If an outdoor wedding) What are the possible options in case of inclement weather?

  23. Are fireworks allowed/sparklers/confetti?

  24. How would car-parking work on the day?

  25. Do they have liability insurance, and do your suppliers need it?

  26. Is there any hidden costs, such as electricity for photo booths, light up letters?

  27. Is there a limit to the number of extras we can have (Photo booth, chocolate fountain, etc. .


I hope this is useful, and just adds to the wedding planning, and Photographer blogs we have already written.

Best Wishes.


(Roger Parker Photography) photographer photography questions venue wedding Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:11:37 GMT
Thank You Prospect Hospice I've never hidden the fact that as well as being a Wedding and Events Photographer, I've also been the primary carer for my very poorly and much loved mum for the last 6 years.

During this time I've also volunteered as much time as possible to the Carers Gloucestershire charity, photographing and publicising the amazing work they do.

Sadly my mum passed away on the 1st of May, so apart from continuing my voluntary work, I'm also looking to make a donation from each wedding booking over the next couple of months to Prospect Hospice in Wroughton,

As a family we hope this goes to show our thanks for their support and care they gave mum for the last few weeks of her life. As much as we tried there was no was we could have given mum the same level of care they did, from pushing her bed out side so she could enjoy the sun and fresh air to, sitting with her during the night when she was struggling to breath and having panic attacks due to her COPD.

This will not affect the normal discounts we give to Military Personnel, and veterans, Emergency Services staff, and of course unpaid carers.


In Memory of Marion Elizabeth Parker 06/02/37 to 01/05/17

(Roger Parker Photography) Carers Gloucestershire Prospect House Wedding Photography Sun, 14 May 2017 15:10:06 GMT
Laura and Justin On the 14th of January we had the greatest of pleasures in being asked to photograph a wedding on the Isle of Portland. For this wedding we had joined with a number of other suppliers to help an absolutely lovely family come together and arrange a short notice wedding so an amazing man could be at the wedding, that gentleman being the brides Grandfather who is very ill.

When Laura first put out the appeal, I instantly offered our services, understanding the situation very well based on my own caring role. Over the next few weeks I had the pleasure of getting to know Laura, keeping up to date on Granddad's health, discussing alternative plans just in case they had to be implemented. However after under going a major operation, Laura's Grandfather's health stabilised in time for the wedding.

We drove the two and a half hours down to Portland, and met the wedding party as promised at the hotel. After introductions Susie went off to photograph the bride getting ready, and I spent a little time with the groom, who braved the freezing wind high on the vantage point to have a few photos taken with the Olympic Rings. 

The rest of the day went to plan, moving on to the chapel for the wedding service, where we were greeted by a very friendly minister who gave us carte blanche access which was unexpected and made for great access to the natural light. Once the bride arrived Susie took charge of the ground floor photography and I was given access to the balcony which gave us two different views of the service.

Seeing Laura's father and Grandfather, escort her down the isle was a wonderful sight, then seeing Laura's grandfather look up at her from his wheelchair, with nothing but love and happiness in his eyes, and the smile on Laura's face even sent a tear down my wedding hardened cheek.

The rest of the service went as planned, then after a few group shots, we headed back to the hotel for a few more cold windy photos at the viewpoint before heading to the reception venue.

We had a wonderful time at the venue, taking lots of photos of the guests, chatting with Laura's Grandfather, Father, and Mother, along with many other family members, who made us so very welcome.

Following on from the day, we have delivered the photos via the clients online gallery and will be dispatching the gift set at the end of the week. To our delight Laura has already left her feedback, which we would love to share with you. 

"From start to finish roger and susie were amazing. From their kind warm hearted welcome and hello to their thoughtful goodbye. Open to suggestions, inventive and just happy to do what we planned for our big day. They were professional, polite and on point the whole time. Literally one of the only services I paid for on my wedding day that I have absolutely no complaints about. I wouldn't hesitate to use you both again and you'll always come highly recommended from me :) thank you so much" Laura L

We couldn't ask for kinder words, even though just being part of the day was enough for us.

I hope you will join in wishing Laura and Justin every happiness in the World, and send Laura's Grandfather all our love and best wishes.

Roger & Susie.

(Roger Parker Photography) Tue, 24 Jan 2017 18:27:23 GMT
Who, What Where When - Wedding Planning Guide Over the last few weeks we've seen several brides ask where they start with planning their wedding, and with venues and suppliers like ourselves getting booked-up for the peak season months even several years in advance, it's becoming even more important to ensure you plan ahead.

So after looking at several websites, and from our own personal experience this is our wedding planning guide, with approximate timescales.

As we say this is only a guide and we hope you find it of use.


Anything up to 2 or 3 years in advance


  • Set the date

Start your wedding planning twelve months or as often the case more in advance to ensure you get to book the venues and suppliers of your choice, and  at the best prices. You could save money by booking a mid-week, Friday, or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday. And never be frightened to ask what deals they will do.

  • Decide whether to plan your own wedding

Most people are more than capable to organise their own wedding, However some choose to use a wedding planner because of their expertise. It's also worth remembers some venues will provide a wedding planner as part of their package.

  • Set your budget

Make it realistic without going into debt, and add in a contingency just in case.

  • Draw up your guest list(s)

Remember you need approximate numbers to boo your venue. Try to make it equal where possible, attempting to keep both families happy. Have a separate evening reception guest list if you want some work colleagues or friends, or friends of the family to celebrate with you, however you don't know them well enough to invite them to the ceremony, and the wedding breakfast, or you are limited on space.

  • Book your venue

The sooner you book your venues, the easier everything else will be to plan. You'll need to book a venue for your ceremony (either a church, registry office or other licensed civil wedding venue) and a venue for your reception, i.e. wedding breakfast, evening reception, disco etc. This of course may be the same as the ceremony venue. Remember to take in to account capacity for both, catering, bar and and any hidden costs. Also think about your wedding photographs as well, do you have locations where they can be taken and do you have bad weather options.

  • Take out wedding insurance

We really advise everyone takes out insurance as soon as you start booking venues and suppliers, it's not costly and will give you extra peace of mind.

  • Appoint (ask) your Maid (Matron) of Honour, Best Man (Woman), Bridesmaids etc.

You know you you will ask, however do ask yourself will they be there to support you through the whole process, and are they thoroughly trustworthy. This is also a good time to think about ushers, flower girls, and page boys if needed or wanted.

  • Book your photographer (and Videographer if required)

Find a photographer who offers the style of photos you are looking for within your budget, meet them in person or via video chat if not local to yourselves or you are getting married in a different location, we now advise you read our previous blogs on choosing the right photographer "The Trust Factor", and of course we would be more than delighted to speak to you regarding your photography. Please take a look at the website or give myself (Roger) a call on 07734 567961.

  • Meet your minister/registrar (depending on time period you may have to do this at a later stage.

They'll be able to answer all your questions about the ceremony, and help you find suitable readings and music.

  • Book a DJ, Band, and Entertainers if required.

This will really be personal preference most people have at least a DJ, however the options are endless for bands, solo artist, plus music for your ceremony or wedding breakfast. You may also want a table magician to entertain your guests, or face painter for the kids.

  • Book caterers if required for wedding breakfast and evening reception.

If the reception venue you have booked is not doing your catering, then you'll need to consider hiring outside caterers, the option are endless from sit down meals, to hog roasts to fish and chips.  or, if your budget is tight, catering the wedding with a buffet created by friends and family. 

  • Book your cars

You'll need to book one bridal car for the bride and her father (or person giving her away), you may also wish to book additional cars for the Maid of Honour, Brides Mother, Bridesmaids. There are other option as well from fire engines, horse and carriages, to a vintage double decker bus. 

  • Book your florist if required 

Decide your colour scheme, decide what flowers you want and where, you now also have many other options with silk and foam flowers.

  • Book a toastmaster (if you wish to have one)

Some venues will provide someone to ensure people are in the right place at the right time, however some people still choose to have a formal toastmaster to ensure everything goes to plan and speeches are performed in the right order etc.


12+ Months Before


  • Decide what kind of wedding dress or dresses you want

If your're having a couture bridal gown made for you, then you will need to start this process now. If you're ordering a designer dress then you may need to allow 4-6 months, however if you are buying a dress of the peg or a preloved dress then 6 to 8 weeks should be fine, allowing for alterations if required.

  • Start your healthy eating diet and exercise programme (if you wish or need too)

This totally up to you, nothing more said

  • Book your honeymoon/minimoon (if you are having one)

Book it in your maiden name, and use your existing passport, then change all your documents to your married name on your return.

  • Send out your save-the-date cards/magnets/pencils/keyrings etc

This ensures the guests you really want there don't book their holidays at the same time and miss your special day.


6+ Months


A quick note about DIY.

If your're planning to make your own invitations, table decorations, cake or favours, then remember to allow some additional practice time, as well as production time in to your schedule, so start earlier rather than later.

  • order/make your wedding invitations

Don't forget all the other wedding stationery including orders of service (if required), place cards, and thank you cards.

  • Order your wedding cake

Or Cakes, cupcakes, or make/plan your own.

  • Buy your wedding shoes and accessories

It's a good idea to get your shoes in time for your first dress fitting, and and head-wear/veil for your your make-up and hair trials. It's also a good time to think about the jewellery you wish to wear on the day.

  • Book your makeup artist and hairdresser

Speak to several to find the one that;s right for you, then book hair and makeup trials complete with any head wear if possible.

  • Buy your maid (Matron) of honour, and bridesmaids dresses, hire/buy suits (dresses) for the groom, best man (woman), ushers, fathers, and any outfits for page boys or flower girls.
  • Book a honeymoon suite if not included with the venue

Remembering to ask for some special touches.


3+ Months


  • Have your wedding dress altered

And then don't lose any more weight!

  • Start having regular facials

To ensure your skin is healthy and glowing on your wedding day. Thunk of all those wedding photos.

  • Buy your wedding rings

Make sure they are both the right size, and that your wedding ring will sit comfortably alongside your engagement ring, if you plan to wear both together. You may have to allow more time if you are having custom rings made.

  • Send out your wedding invitations

Traditionally they are sent out 6-12 weeks before the wedding, however these can be sent out earlier if you prefer. Include information for your guests on overnight accommodation, transport, parking, and any dress code if appropriate. Include reply cards to ensure they all RSVP, and ask your guests if they have any specific dietary requirements.

  • Order or finish making your venue decorations

Including wedding favours and table centrepieces.

  • Decide on a gift list

Make it available to all your wedding guests (normally through your invitations) and your wedding website if you have one.

  • Choose wedding music and readings

Your minister/registrar will be able to advise further

  • Buy gifts for your best man, maid of honour, bridesmaids, and users etc.
  • Arrange to have vaccinations done if required

If required for your honeymoon.

  • Start to plan your hen and stag parties

With the help of your best man and maid of honour.

  • find your 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue'

Ask your mother or grandmother for something old, the rest is easy


1+ Month Before


  • Arrange for a final fitting of your wedding dress

And take along your mum, sisters, or best friends too.

  • Reconfirm the wedding arrangements with all your suppliers

Speak to them personally and make sure you have confirmation of dates, places and times in writing from them.

  • Have your last nights of freedom

And don't do anything you wouldn't want him/her to do....

  • Finalise the seating plan

And make your table planner

  • Arrange the wedding rehearsal

A few days before is ideal and you could make an evening of it by inviting the bridal party along to dinner afterwards too. It's a good opportunity for them to all get together just before the big day.

  • Contact any guests who have not replied to your invitation

The venue and the caterers will need to know final numbers at least 1-2 weeks before.

  • Arrange a date to pick up any hired suits

And make a note of when they need to be returned - give that honour to your best man.

  • Write the wedding speeches

Write them from the heart, and practice, practice, practice.....

Have a facial to ensure your skin is glowing

And stay calm and unstressed knowing everything is in order. Stress-free = spot-free.


1+ Week Before


  • Have your hair trimmed and or coloured

Then you'll know it's looking it's best for your 'up do' or curls on the big day, but only do as planned in your hair trials - this is not the time to experiment with a new colour or drastic style changes!

  • Have the wedding rehearsal

This will help you know where to stand and when to speak and will prepare you so you don't feel nervous on the day.

  • Pack for your honeymoon (if you are going on one straight after your wedding)

You're going on the holiday of a lifetime!

  • Wear-in your wedding shoes

Don't wear them outside, but do wear them around the house to make sure they're comfy on the day.

  • Create a wedding emergency kit

Include make up, a compact mirror and powder, lipstick, tissues etc. - anything you think you might need on the day. Ask your Maid of honour to carry this for you.

  • Order your foreign currency for your honeymoon

And make any other last minutes arrangements.

  • Have your beauty treatments

Go for a pre-wedding and honeymoon waxing or fake tanning in good time before the big day. Get eyebrows shaped and anything else that needs attention done the week before, not the day before.

  • Hand over the supplier list of contacts to a designated person

Give the list of all the wedding suppliers involved in your wedding day, with their contract details and times they are meant to arrive, in case they need to be contacted to your best man and or maid of honour and then do not give it all another thought!


The Day Before


  • Have the day off to relax

Don't go to work, spend the day wit friends or family and don't do anything exhausting.

  • Have your nails manicured

Book it for the afternoon to avoid chips and breaks

  • Try to get an early night

You're getting married in the morning!

  • And just one final word of advice....

Enjoy your day no matter what happens. After all the years/months of planning the day will pass in a blink of an eye!




(Roger Parker Photography) guide photography planner wedding Sun, 16 Oct 2016 13:21:08 GMT
The joys of social media Since we have started using social media more and for advertising, we have noticed and continue to notice how devious and competitive many photographers are.


We advertise on multiple wedding pages and groups both local and national. And often see posts from brides to be, asking for recommendations or photographers local to themselves at this point it's like a swimming pool opening in a hotel; Where all the guests rush to lay their towels in the best position, or vultures circling over head, waiting to swoop in, as every photographer puts themselves forward, some with exaggerated claims.


Unfortunately we are forced to do the same thing otherwise we would never get noticed, however we still refuse to use some of the underhanded techniques we have mentioned before in previous blogs, usually by the same photographers time and time again.


One recent incident both annoyed us, and made us laugh at the same time. A bride to be posted a question on how long should be have to wait for her wedding photos. Now one thing we pride ourselves on is not making couples wait weeks for their photos. As soon as we return from a wedding shoot, we literally start working on the photographs, and as my caring roles means I'm able to sit editing photos during they day, when many others also have other full time jobs. So we are able to deliver photos in days rather than weeks. When we answered the bride's question stating this we were attacked in a remarkable show of one-upmanship, with other photographers stating they took more pride over their photos, and did a better job that we did so took longer. All rubbish of course as any of our customers will agree. The funny side being this wasn't even going to get them business.


So how do we/can we stay honest, well firstly we clearly list our prices to avoid getting in the double glazing mentality we have discussed before, secondly we don't make exaggerated claims, we let our work and testimonials speak for themselves, finally we do offer a 10% discount to members of the armed services, emergency services, unpaid carers (like myself) and members of our local rugby club, of which I'm a vice president, and sponsor where possible.


Apart from that we will continue to go the extra mile for our customers as always.


Have a wonderful week. Roger & Susie.

(Roger Parker Photography) Wed, 31 Aug 2016 13:39:16 GMT
Busman's Holiday So.... what does a photographer do when they have a day off, they go out and take photographs of course!

Between my two roles as a carer and a photographer I get little free time, however like anybody that loves photography as much as I do, you use even that time to take photographs.

Only last week Susie and I had an afternoon to ourselves so we decided to join all the tourists and visit the beautiful Cotswold village of Bibury. We are so lucky to live and be based in a beautiful, and historic part of the country, however get very little time to enjoy it so made the most of the time we had to capture a few shots of the famous Arlington Row, These are 17th Century weavers cottages that are one of the most photographed sites in the Cotswolds. 

Trying to get a few tourist free shots was not easy, however we did manage it, and thought we would share them with you.




(Roger Parker Photography) Arlington Row Bibury Cotswolds Sun, 21 Aug 2016 13:42:20 GMT
The Trust Factor Following on from our last blog entry regarding a few of my colleagues acting more like double glazing salesmen rather than photographers, I've been horrified to witness the other underhanded tactics other photographers use to try and get business. Maybe I'm just too honest, however I would rather have a reputation for being honest and providing a quality professional service to our customers than anything else.

So what are these underhanded tactics I hear you ask, well one of the classics is having people write fake reviews, I'll be honest as our business grows, I've had people who are trying to support us offer to write reviews without using our services and we have flatly refused, We would rather have 10 real reviews than 20 fake ones. Another underhanded tactic is to use patsies (family members & friends) on the wedding facebook sites, who wait for genuine people to ask for recommendations, and then bombard them with certain photographers names. Yes, there are a some genuine customers recommending photographers they have used etc. however you often see the same people over and over again. Likewise they may state that they are award winning, when in fact they have been awarded dubious awards from websites they have paid to advertise on.

Our final area of concern are those photographers, along the same vein as the double glazing crew, offer to photograph your wedding at ridiculously cheap prices or claim to offer cheap deals because they are building up their portfolio or offer 1500 photographs of your wedding. My concern here is, if you are booking your wedding a year plus in advance are these flyby night photographers still going to be around to photograph your wedding at all, so please ensure you get a contract from them, and I would also advise getting your own wedding insurance, and as for the amazing 1500 photographs, I can promise you, you will only either get very poor photos or multiple copies of the same photo as it's impossible to provide that many unique quality photos during a day, no matter how good a photographer you are. These photographers can also take months to supply your photographs as they over commit.

Now before even looking at photographers you should decide what style of photos you would like (Traditional, candid, fine art) and set a realistic budget. 

So what makes a trustworthy photographer, questions you may ask before booking, and our answers?

1, Do they supply you with a clear contract stating your rights to YOUR photographs?

Yes, please see our Prices & Contracts page.

2. Are they accredited with relevant photographic societies such as the society of Wedding and portrait photographers?

Yes both Susie and I are both members of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and the International Society of Wedding Photographers.

3. Are they able to match reviews and photographs, and can you see at least one full weddings photos?

We are always happy to match photos and reviews, as well as have a previous customer give a testimonial.

4. Are their photos realistic, or do they look too good to be true. Certain photographers will process certain photos to hook you in, but realistically was their really a full moon behind the couple and shooting stars.  However that said there are photographers that specialise in that style of photography, so as in the point above check full albums.

We use photoshop to enhance your photos, but never make them so unrealistic that they, won't remind you of your day. unless you want something different, then just please ask.

5. Are Photography packages clear with no hidden charges, also watch out for photographers that offer to meet your budget?

Yes, Please see our Prices & Contracts page.

6. How long does it take to get your photographs?

Normally they are available online on your dedicated section of our website within 7 to 10 days maximum often as short as 3 days. And then depending on your availability (Honeymoon etc.) your Presentation pack a couple days after.

7. Does the Photographer carry back up equipment?

Yes, we always carry additional memory cards, camera bodies, and lenses.

8. Do they have a back up photographer. 

If I was taken ill etc, Susie would take over as lead photographer, and we have a number of colleagues we work with who would provide a second photographer service.

9. Personal fit & Ego! I'm sorry to say some of our colleagues think they are more important than their customers are. Even if they produce amazing photos, what is the cost, will they upset you or your guests on your special day, they will often say something like I'm only a documentary style photographer, or reportage style, which there is nothing wrong with, however are the flexible enough for you to ask for a posed photograph with your parents, or grandparents. They might also make lavish claims about being international photographers with bases all over the world, believe me I know of some of the best photographers in Europe and they don't even have to advertise.

We don't claim to have a style, we try to be flexible to your requirements, and provide a combination of styles to suit you, Remember for your special day you are our employer, and one of the greatest peaces of feedback we normally get is, we forgot you were there, meaning we captured your day without getting in the way.

10. Don't be fooled by the number of facebook likes certain photographers have, Some will be genuine, and some long established photographers will have earned them over a long career, however  sometimes if you see a photographer with thousands of likes, they have run competitions offering free photo shoots for example 5000 likes, and the poor people, taking part often never get the prize as they never reach the ridiculous targets set.

11. Finally why did they become a wedding photographer, and are they totally committed or are they holding down a full time job as well.

I became a wedding photographer following my own wedding, where we were totally ripped off by the photographer, being charged extra for everything, such as rights to our photos, editing, and also ended up with piles of prints we didn't need. So as I was already working on a diploma in photography for my own personal development, I started to expand my skills into wedding photography, taking additional courses, taking photos as a second photographer as friends and families weddings, until i went solo and 10 years later here I am still loving every moment even if my own marriage didn't work out, however from that I met a wonderful talented lady who loves photography as much as myself who makes the team complete.

As for work, when I'm not behind the camera, I'm an unpaid carer for my elderly mother, which means I can dedicate much of my day to editing photos, as she is very undemanding, reducing the time you have to wait for your precious memories.

We hope you have a wonderful wedding

Yours Sincerely.


(Roger Parker Photography) Wedding Photography questions Fri, 15 Jul 2016 12:59:27 GMT
We are not double glazing salesmen! We have been contacted by a couple of customers who recently were before speaking to ourselves, been treated like they were buying double glazing rather than booking a wedding photographer. The photographers concerned harassed the couples, kept offering to lower the prices etc. along with other false promises.

It is disgraceful that so many of our colleagues feel that they need to do this to obtain business. Yes, there are a lot of photographers available and many are highly skilled, pricing accordingly, for their skill level and portfolios which speak for themselves. We would like to include ourselves in this statement, Promising that we will never treat any of our customers that way.

Unless asked for a bespoke package we are very clear on what you get included in our packages and back that up with our wedding contract. Priding ourselves being members of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International.

We are also always happy to show you to our customer testimonials on both the website and facebook as an indication of how we look after our customers.

I hope you all appreciate our business ethos.

We look forward to being of service to you in the future.

Roger and Susie.

(Roger Parker Photography) Wed, 15 Jun 2016 15:19:53 GMT
You have an easy Job As I spend another day editing photos, and especially after just spending an hour photoshopping out an unsightly ladder and washing line out of a certain photo. I'm drawn back to a comment from a guest at a wedding where they were asked to not get in the way as we were trying to take photographs, as they insisted in jumping in front of the camera to take their own photos. After a polite request from myself to please let me take the shots I was looking for and then I would move to one side to give them a chance to take their own photographs. I was told we that I had an easy job, and any fool could take wedding photos if you had a decent camera. Of course I couldn't be rude to a guest  however I did explain there was much more to just taking a photo, there are the hours if not days cropping and editing photos. On top of this there is a great responsibility in capturing anybodies special moments, and it is a job I take very seriously, as well in taking great pride in my own and Susie's work.

So next time you see a wedding photographer at work, just think do you fancy spending 10 hours plus stood up taking photographs, several days editing those photographs, whilst under great pressure to ensure you delivery an excellent service. So please don't be that paparazzi wedding guest.



(Roger Parker Photography) Mon, 14 Mar 2016 16:48:51 GMT
Mr & Mrs Hill This week I hand delivered the presentation flash drive to Chris and Mechellle, and sat with them as they reviewed their wedding photographs, watching their faces was an utter delight as they relived their special day through Susie's and my eyes, displaced on their LCD tv rather than their phones as they first reviewed here on the website.

I have to admit this is the best bit of the job, and fills be with satisfaction.

This just leaves me to wish them every happiness for the future from Susie and Myself.



(Roger Parker Photography) Thu, 26 Nov 2015 20:01:13 GMT