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You have an easy Job

March 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

As I spend another day editing photos, and especially after just spending an hour photoshopping out an unsightly ladder and washing line out of a certain photo. I'm drawn back to a comment from a guest at a wedding where they were asked to not get in the way as we were trying to take photographs, as they insisted in jumping in front of the camera to take their own photos. After a polite request from myself to please let me take the shots I was looking for and then I would move to one side to give them a chance to take their own photographs. I was told we that I had an easy job, and any fool could take wedding photos if you had a decent camera. Of course I couldn't be rude to a guest  however I did explain there was much more to just taking a photo, there are the hours if not days cropping and editing photos. On top of this there is a great responsibility in capturing anybodies special moments, and it is a job I take very seriously, as well in taking great pride in my own and Susie's work.

So next time you see a wedding photographer at work, just think do you fancy spending 10 hours plus stood up taking photographs, several days editing those photographs, whilst under great pressure to ensure you delivery an excellent service. So please don't be that paparazzi wedding guest.




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