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The joys of social media

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Since we have started using social media more and for advertising, we have noticed and continue to notice how devious and competitive many photographers are.


We advertise on multiple wedding pages and groups both local and national. And often see posts from brides to be, asking for recommendations or photographers local to themselves at this point it's like a swimming pool opening in a hotel; Where all the guests rush to lay their towels in the best position, or vultures circling over head, waiting to swoop in, as every photographer puts themselves forward, some with exaggerated claims.


Unfortunately we are forced to do the same thing otherwise we would never get noticed, however we still refuse to use some of the underhanded techniques we have mentioned before in previous blogs, usually by the same photographers time and time again.


One recent incident both annoyed us, and made us laugh at the same time. A bride to be posted a question on how long should be have to wait for her wedding photos. Now one thing we pride ourselves on is not making couples wait weeks for their photos. As soon as we return from a wedding shoot, we literally start working on the photographs, and as my caring roles means I'm able to sit editing photos during they day, when many others also have other full time jobs. So we are able to deliver photos in days rather than weeks. When we answered the bride's question stating this we were attacked in a remarkable show of one-upmanship, with other photographers stating they took more pride over their photos, and did a better job that we did so took longer. All rubbish of course as any of our customers will agree. The funny side being this wasn't even going to get them business.


So how do we/can we stay honest, well firstly we clearly list our prices to avoid getting in the double glazing mentality we have discussed before, secondly we don't make exaggerated claims, we let our work and testimonials speak for themselves, finally we do offer a 10% discount to members of the armed services, emergency services, unpaid carers (like myself) and members of our local rugby club, of which I'm a vice president, and sponsor where possible.


Apart from that we will continue to go the extra mile for our customers as always.


Have a wonderful week. Roger & Susie.


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