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Confetti, Bubbles, Petals. Pom Poms, Rice, or Candy Floss!

October 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Things have certainly changed in the world of confetti since I went to my first wedding, When every other person had the obligatory box of Woolworth's confetti, now it seems to be the norm the couple are expected to supply confetti, if you are allowed it, or it's biodegradable, or real petals. 

We often carry a biodegradable confetti canon with us just in case, however it's becoming a real pitfall, especially with so many plastic confetti around now, so I thought we could share a few suggestions for alternatives and the pros and cons of each one.

So here we go.....

Non-Biodegradable confetti - Please just don't use it, it's fine for table decorations where it can be collected, but not outside, I've seen venues where the same confetti is there for weeks if not months.

Biodegradable confetti - often made from rice paper, so just breaks down in water, can cause marks on dresses if wet, but normally fine.

Bubbles, looks great if not to windy, but you really need bubble guns to get any real effect, also can leave marks on clothes.

Petals are a great natural choice, simple white rose petals are beautiful and safe on wedding dresses, but be careful with coloured flowers as with biodegradable confetti, is they get wet can cause colour leakage on to dresses. 

Rice, natural and can look great in photos, however if thrown with any force can be painful, if not dangerous.

Now for two new ideas that have started being used, Small balls of candyfloss, biodegradable,but as never seen it used, would imagine it could mark clothes or leave sticky residue, and would hate the though of small children picking it up and eating it afterwards.

So that just leaves a lovely idea, Pom Poms, easy and fun to make yourselves, Kids can help make then or as part of your hen or stag if so minded. colours could match your theme, or you could go mad with assorted bright colours, easy to clear up with a brush or spring rake if on grass, they could even be washed and used again

So why not do something different, or think of something new, if you have suggestions why not leave a comment below,


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