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Bullies and Bigotry have no place in photography!

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Earlier today by heart broke when I read a post within a Facebook group from a bride to be stating she was unable to find a photographer for her same sex wedding, as she had often been ignored or just turned down by multiple photographers so far.

Even though she was considerably out of our area, I offered to photograph her wedding if she was unable to find anyone locally at no extra cost. At this point I'm still waiting to hear how she is progressing, however the offer still stands.

Being of a larger build I've had to deal with bigots, bullies, and pure ignorance all of my life, and very much hate other people suffering from it also, yet even in this modern age it continues, and in some ways is made worse by social media as a faceless way of being a bully. I've written before that I still get bullied by other photographer because they don't like our honest approach and don't fall into the bad habits a few use to try and get more business, I also don't get business from certain clients where they are prejudice over my weight, which has no impact on our ability to photography your wedding or event.

So here is my promise to you!

No matter if you are black, white, yellow, brown, fat (like me), thin, gay, straight, disabled, tattooed, pierced, have ginger hair or are from the planet Zog, we will not be prejudice against you, and in fact will be honoured to photograph your wedding, or event.

So if you would like us to capture your special day please get in touch.

Love to you all.