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It Shouldn't Happen to a Wedding Photographer

July 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

In every job you do, you will end up with a funny story or two, but being a wedding photographer you often have one or two from each wedding, some of which you can't repeat in polite company.

Like many wedding professionals we carry an emergency bag with us, but even that can't cater for every situation.

Well last weekend at the lovely Maria and Barry's wedding, I was a walking disaster zone, and should have had a warning sign around my neck not a camera. 

The day started with us forgetting a little present we were taking for Maria the bride, even after me having it ready on the chair in full view, by the time we remembered we were already halfway there so no turning back. 

The second disaster to happen was more out of my control, the Wedding venue is within a public park so you have to pay to park, Susie made sure I had the right change ready as she was meeting me there as traveling with part of the wedding party, I went to pay and the parking machine decided to eat half of my money and refuse to give it back, luckily for me you could also pay by a mobile phone app or I would have been getting a ticket or worse.

Number three whilst making sure I had everything I needed from the car, I managed to trip on a wooden rail around the parking area twisting my knee in the process, which left me hobbling like a 80 year old for the rest of the day, which was difficult as we wanted to utilize the beautiful park the hotel was situated in as much as possible.

Finally the creme de la creme, between the wedding breakfast and disco we handed out punch balloons to the 23 children at the wedding, which were originally intended to be used outside for some fun photos, however due to heavy rain the little ones were having a great time running around with them in the lounge area, this may have got them a little too excited as whist heading to the bathroom, one overly excited little boy not watching where he was going in his delight of play, ran straight in the back of me, grabbing my trousers to stop himself falling over, and in doing so ripped the seat out of my trousers, exposing my ample rear end to the world! All I can say is, I was glad to be wearing black boxers, and that everyone was far to polite to say anything about the photographer with his ass hanging out of his trousers for the rest of the evening.

Speaking to the couple afterwards They told me no one noticed, not that I believe that! lol

I think I'll be carrying spare clothes from now on!

And that was just one wedding!

I hope that gave you a chuckle, and I promise not children were harmed in this blog and Maria & Barry had some amazing photos of their special day?