Roger Parker Photography | Happy Birthday to Me and What's New for 2018!

Happy Birthday to Me and What's New for 2018!

September 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So today is my birthday, and also one of they key dates in the creation of Roger Parker Photography after my old SLR and bridge digital cameras were replaced with a shiny new Canon DLSR.

I have been taking photos all of my life and took my first wedding photo at my own parents wedding at the age of 4 years old; however I had never had the freedom to take the level of photographs that I could now produce. A couple years after, not long after I photographed my first wedding and have never looked back, as I increased my knowledge and and qualifications until we fully launched the business and find ourselves where we are today.

This birthday will be quiet as we have a weekend off, apart from a pre-wedding meeting on Sunday at the beautiful Bowood House.

So New for 2018, we have been thinking hard what else we can do to make our weddings couples days even more special so we will be adding a couple free optional extras to our platinum package that we hope you may like.

Firstly we will be offering the use of a beautifully designed Spanish Colada Del Cid style wedding sword to cut your wedding cake, which can also be used to give blessings at hand fasting ceremonies.

Our second new offering will be hosted Mr & Mrs, we will host it and provide the questions and the props, you just have to enjoy the game, whilst we capture your faces and that of your guests!

Lastly with our event customers in mind we are looking to be able to provide additional backdrops rather than our stand black backdrop we have used in the past.

This is just a starting point so keep watching this space for new ideas and don't for get Susie and I for any of your photography needs, including natural outdoor family shoots, 1 on 1 training and any event.

In the Immortal words of Ringo Starr "Peace and Love!"




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